Welcome to Pura Vida Gallery

As you approach the entrance to Pura Vida Gallery, a stunning garden welcomes you with blooming roses, geraniums, and English lavender. You will also find unique pieces of garden art—wind sculptures, colorful blown glass pieces, and stone sculptures. Entering the gallery, the smell of hand-made soap greets you. “Smells like a spa” is the most common observation by many customers. Fresh flowers in a variety of arrangers and vases add a special welcoming feel as do flames flickering in an assortment of oil lamps. Soothing music creates a relaxed atmosphere as guests enjoy American handcrafts from over 120 artists.

Owner Michael Gamble along with the wonderful staff create a welcoming gallery to showcase a beautiful collection of functional handcrafted work. That special coffee cup that fits perfectly in your hand makes the start of your day even more enjoyable. That elegant hand blown wine glass that makes a special bottle of Chardonnay taste oh so much tastier. That distinctive piece of jewelry that gets you compliments from friends and strangers alike each time you wear it. And that beautiful wall clock you enjoy looking at even when you don’t care what time it is.

It all comes together to create the feeling of Pura Vida . . . Life is Good!