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Rick Faulkner creates unique artisan candles that add a touch of elegance to any room and are aesthetically pleasing as they are functional, which makes them ideal gifts for a any occasion. These dripless candles have a distinct crackle pattern that glows beautifully while burning.

Mini $19 (4.75” tall, 30 hour burn time)
Small $24 (5.5” tall, 60 hour burn time)
Med $27 (6.5” tall, 65 hour burn time)
Large $30 (7.5” tall, 70 hour burn time)



These gorgeous glass wind chimes are made in Georgia from recycled glass bottles that has been kiln fired to strengthen the glass. Tougher than they look. Hang them under an eave or inside by a window!

All windchimes $69

Judy & David


The Hedblom’s copper wall sculptures are hand hammered, formed, textured, & flame painted using numerous gases & torch tips. The colorations are achieved from heat & buffing techniques that create deep, flowing designs often described as holographic & three dimensional. There are no chemicals, acids or paints used in the coloration process. Each piece is sealed with a very durable clear coat finish, to insure lasting beauty and UV protection.

Measurements Below are Approximate:

Curved Flow Panel - $365 each (8” x 34”)

Curved Waterfall Set - $959 (set of three)

Curved Wave Panel - $365 each (8” x 34”)

Desert Sand Panel - $365 each (8” x 34”)

Quad Sun Wall Panel - $975 (32” x 32” x 2”)

Ribbon - "Passages" - $875 (40” x 14” x 4”)

Ribbon – “River” - $875 (40” x 14” 4”)

Traveler Connections - $2,750
(32” x 56” x 2” – wall space)

Traveler Quad Set - $3,900
(68” x 56” x 2” – wall space)

Quad Sun: (44" x 44" x 2") - $1695

Chris & Karen


Chris and Karen Montgomery create whimsical sun faces cast in dyed cement. The pre-rusted rays are cut out of 14 gauge steel and are finished with a clear coat sealant to protect the steel. These pieces will bring a smile to your face and brighten up any garden or outdoor living area.

Ten Birds on a Wire $59

All Little Faces $49
3” Face w/ Ray – 9”
Choose From:
Wink- Grin- Bliss- Mum

All Small Faces $75
5.5 – 6.5’’ Face w/ Ray – 14 “
Choose from:
Happy - Sunglasses – Peaceful – Bliss

Medium Faces with Radiant Rays $125.00
7.5” - 9” Face with 24” Ray

Medium Faces with Windblown Rays $145.00
7.5” - 9” Face with 18” Ray

Choose from:
Happy – Wink – Glow –
Solstice – Sweetie

Large Grin Face With Radiant Rays $189
10” Face w/26” Ray

Large Grin Face With Windblown Rays $210
10” Face w/ 22” Ray

Mr. Big Happy $235
14" Face w/ Ray 34”

Charles Adams &
Thomas Widhalm


Inspired by the world’s greatest water bird sanctuaries, these majestic sculptures, handcrafted from iron and Minnesota fieldstone offer timeless reflection of nature’s finest works, adding a touch of serenity to any environment.

Each spring, Minnesota farmers discover the earth has once again given birth to stones of every imaginable shape and size which appear to have magically popped to the surface of the farmer’s field, hence they are called fieldstone. This phenomenon is due to the cyclical freezing and thawing of the ground. Often they appear as if giant birds have laid eggs all over the ground. Charles Adams, Thomas Widhalm, and their small group of studio artists select the finest of these fieldstones from the farms that grow them and add their unique copyrighted iron work to create one of kind sculptures. These beautiful pieces are suitable to adorn both indoor and outdoor areas.

Duck Family (One Mother & 3 Babies) $295
Heron on Base –
   Medium $98   Large $109
Heron On Garden Stake –
   Small $55    Medium $66    Large $77
Road Runner - $110



Hand-wrought museum quality copper candleholders.

Hessel Candleholders are carefully forged by hand using high-heat torches and different hammers to achieve the desired shape and texture. The title of the piece is engraved on the underside of the base and stamped with the Hessel Studios proprietary service mark. Hessel's designs look beautiful singly, paired or in a grouping of different heights.

Pic 1 Left To Right
Lyra 16.5" $265
Five Stones 20.5" $359
Bishop's Song 24" $359
Hestia 13" $305
Mantic 14" $272

Pic 2 Left To Right
Wild 15.5" $279
Transcendence 22" $329
Rosebud 25" Vase $345
The Garden 32" Vase $415
Buddha's Belly 30" $419
Sweetpea 20" Vase $272

Pic 3 Left to Right
Wee Bit 5.5" $136
Water's Tale 18.5" $249
Stone Soup 22.5" $299
Only a Sip 8" $162
Callisto 25" $349
Aloud 15" $209
Her Realm 19.5" $362

Pic 4 Left To Right
Sagacious 24.75" $375
Serpens 15.5" $256
Sisyphus 25.5" $359
Aquila 21.5" $298
And He Said 23.5" $349

Pic 5 Left To Right
The Knight 12" $259
The Cook 21.5" $339
Erato 24" $319
Fornax 17" $272
Cygnus 18" $298
Leto 15.5" $305

Pic 6 Left to Right
Flirtation 16" $242
Around Me 20.5" $319
Water's Harvest 18" $229
Nepenthe 18.25" $319
Alone 13.5" $162
Littlest 12” $179

Pic 7 Left to Right
Awaken 14" $229
Pour the Wine 20" $315
Stillness 11.5" $159
Ascendant 21.25" $329
Calliopia 17.5" $335
Carry Me 19" $229
Enfold Me 10"

Pic 8 Left to Right
Electra 12" $229
Fortuna 21.5" $339
Niobe 15" $289
Elersian 19.5" $335
Minos 9" $229
Enfold Me 10” $152



Jeff’s lamps are hand-crafted from all-natural stones found along the New England coastline. Hours are spent combing the shore looking for the perfect stones, which have been shaped and textured by the pounding surf.

Balanced Rock Lamp: $289 (24”- 25” height)

Cairn Lamp: $295 (24”- 25” height)

Mini Coastal Lamp: $169 (14”-15” height) Three-way switch




Catherine Murphy and her small group of studio artists create whimsical copper garden pieces. Each piece is finished with a UV resistant paint and patina and a clear coat protectant to protect the piece from weather for years to come. Each piece has its own personality and expression and will bring a smile to your face and a little fun to your garden.

Small Copper Butterfly on a Stick: $19

Small Dancing Dragonfly on a Stick: $22

Hanging Copper Bat: $58

Small Ladybug on a Stick: $28

Copper Praying Mantis with stake:
Small: $47 Large: $69

Copper Snake: $72

Hanging Copper Spider: $45



John Running’s father told him “If you want something truly unique, create it yourself”. Some years ago, he starting working with metal and has become hooked. He flame cuts each dragonfly and cuts a small hole on the underside for it to hang from a tack.

Symbolism of the Dragonfly
For thousands of years many cultures around the world have recognized the Dragonfly as a symbol of a positive life force. The Dragonfly is a reminder to “Live Life to the Fullest” and to “Make the Most of Our Time on Earth”. It’s association with water also symbolizes Purity, Dreaming, Happiness, and Change.

Small: $22 (4" x 6")
Large: $36 (7" x 10")

A swarm of three or more is discounted 10%



Booker’s unique, patented process combines art and science. The skeletonize process involves an acid wash that literally dissolves away the cellulose in the leaf and leaves a preserved skeleton. The leaves are then air-brushed to resemble decaying autumn leaves. These pieces are truly a work of art and a wonderful conversation wall-art piece.

Available in a variety of leaves and frame colors

5x7 - $115
8x10 - $155
11x14 - $265
18x24 - $650

For Full-Moon Japanese Maple Pieces

5x7 - $119
8x10 - $165
11x14 - $275
18x24 - $695



For over 25 years Leonie has created her clocks using the warm approachable palette of colored patinas on copper and nickel coupled with wood. Using the basic shapes of circles, squares, ovals and rectangles these clocks are not only beautiful but playful. Many designs utilizing a subtle “hide and seek” pendulum.

All Copper $425 24x10

All Copper Lena $225
5x20 including pendulum

Black Wood and Copper with oval face $349

Black Wood and Copper rectangle face $339

Black Wood and Copper - 16” Vertical $210 8x22 including Pendulum

Black Wood and Copper – Black Narrow $190
6x20 including pendulum

Black Wood and Copper - Black Tie $198
8x20 Including Pendulum

Black Wood and Copper - Spike $198

Black Wood and Stainless Steel - $460
Plain Jane 12x30

Black Wood and Verdigris Copper $190
6x20 including pendulum



Sandia Soap – “Suds from the Southwest”

These luscious bars are hand-made from sustainable palm oil, olive, and soy bean oils. Then scented with essential and fragrance oils and finally cured in the arid New Mexico desert.

This is THE scent of Pura Vida Gallery!

$6.95 per bar (6 oz)

Luis & Loren


Hand-forged iron lamps and candleholders made by this husband and wife team. Luis bends and twists the iron into fluid designs that are light and lyrical. Loren creates exquisite shades from gorgeous handmade paper.

Bliss Floor Lamp $495
Bliss Table Lamp $349
Calla Candle Holder $62 each
Cats & Jasmine Candle Holder $62 each
Cats in Bloom Candle Holder $62 each
Lights in a Pod Wall Sconce $115 each



Pendant lamps with giclee shades of original artwork. Shades are made of 100% Cotton Velvet watercolor paper, backed by a protective liner for easy cleaning, mounted on white powder-coated lampshade rings and sealed with a UV-blocking matte varnish.

12”, 15”, 18”, and 24”

Please call for pricing and details.