Barbie uses Argentium sterling silver and glass tubing to create these light catching earrings and pendants. Argentium sterling silver is a modern sterling silver alloy which modifies the traditional alloy (92.5% silver + 7.5% copper) by replacing some of the copper with the metalloid germanium. As it contains at least 92.5% silver content of the traditional alloy, it is still referred to as sterling silver.

Argentium silver is nickel free therefore hypo-allergenic.

Regular Earrings $52
Regular Pendants $42
3D Earrings $62
3D Pendants $59

Contact the gallery for current designs



Christophe creates contemporary mixed metal jewelry from an architectural approach using anodized aluminum and brass and accenting each piece with a beautiful glass piece. The quality of the jewelry is exceptional, it’s light to wear, and the price is surprisingly affordable – all of which contribute to the popularity of the work.

Wire Necklace $59
Hook Earrings $39
Cuff Bracelet $52
Ring $36

Call for current selection and also for pieces to compliment your own collection.



Patricia Locke’s collections blend the depth of fine art with a modern sense of fashion. Her work is immediately recognizable for its distinctive asymmetry, tantalizing multi-medal combinations and elegant use of positive-negative space. Each piece is accented with fine Swarovski crystals.

Contact the gallery for availability of her current collections

Catch a Falling Star Earrings, EF0835 - $135
Cup Cake Earrings, EF0768 - $85
Doll Earrings, EF0951 - $110
Game, Set, Match Bracelet, BR0205 - $210
Halley’s Comet Earrings, EF0752 - $89
Hotsy Totsy Earrings, EF0952 - $110
Leading Lady Earrings, EF0989 - $112
Montage Necklace, NK0350 - $145
Round Two Bracelet, BR0274 - $215
Simple Gift Necklace, NK0359 - $132
Skeeball Earrings, EF0619 - $85
Slotted Classic Earrings, EF0105 - $85
Something Borrowed Earrings, EF0930 - $112
Splash Earrings, EF0685 - $93
Syncopation Earrings, EF0702 - $107
Take Five Earrings, EF0938 - $112




Since January of 2004, Fritz Pearce and Mischell Maldonado have been creating jewelry with a unique vision and a contemporary edge. These elegant designs are hand crafted in sterling silver with diamond accents.

“Mountain Creek”
Narrow Band Sterling Silver Ring with 5 Diamonds (.04 tcw). $439.00

“Mountain Creek”
Wide Band Sterling Silver Ring with 6 Diamonds (.06 tcw). $472.00

Sterling Silver Earrings $85.00

Sterling Silver Pendant with 4 Diamonds (.03 tcw). $259.00



Jill O’ Reilly hand fabricates each piece of jewelry starting with sterling silver sheet and wire. Some pieces are accented with 14 KT gold fill wire. Her work is classic and elegant.

B212 $129
B47-GF $99
B3 $69
B47 $89
B109 $89
B185 $162
B194 $129
B215 $129
B221 $59
B238 $212
B243 $99
B244 $112
B279 $85
B300 $165
B301 $89
B302 $89
B309 $115
B322 $105
B323 $449



Jodi combines leather and mixed metal to create a cool, unisex line of bracelets. A strong magnetic clasp secures the closure. These are truly eye-catching pieces and art!

Specify Copper or Silver Findings

Three Hole Tube and Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Dots and Spacers Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Greek Key Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Leopard Bead Leather Bracelet:
small – $59, large – $59

Spacer and Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Stitches and Bump Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Tube and Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Simple Stich Leather Bracelet:
small - $59, large - $59

Mary Jane


Elegant, sculptural, and graceful is how Mary Jane Doubleday describes her sterling silver jewelry creations. Her recent work involves translating forms observed in nature into wearable designs.

Knot Necklace $195

Poppy Pod Earrings $149

Aspen Pendant $189

Climbing Vine Necklace $225

Rose Earrings $132

Shell Pendant $185

Spring Branch
Necklace $235 Earrings $135

Swirl Earrings $135

Swirl Leaf Earrings $135



Sterling silver and aqua Chalcedony make Clare Johnston’s jewelry both feminine and eye catching. The aqua chalcedony stone appears almost opalescent. Specify 16 or 18” sterling silver chain.

Ella Earring $56
Ella Flower Necklace $98
Ella Large Leaf Earring $75
Ella Original Leaf Earring $70
Ella Gem Necklace $57
Ella Small Leaf Hook Earrings $100
Ella Triple Link Leaf Earrings $85
Mia Small Calla Earrings $69
Parker Large Double Drop Necklace $94



Mark Steel creates fashionable earrings in sterling silver, 14kt gold fill, and niobium. Some designs are accented with cubic zirconia, fresh water pearls, or gemstones. These lightweight and affordable pieces are loved by many customers.

A26ss/gf Earring, Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill $30
A66 Earrings, Sterling Silver $34
D2ssMini Earring, Sterling Silver $18
D2ss Small Earring, Sterling Silver $19
D4ss/gf Earring, Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill $28
D6nb Earring, Niobium $33
D6ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
D9gf Earrings, 14kt Gold Fill $28
D9ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $26
D12gf Earrings, 14kt Gold Fill $20
D45gf Earrings, 14kt Gold Fill $29
D45ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
D51nb Earrings, Niobium $35
F3ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $32
F18ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $33
F21ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $32
F27ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $32
F28ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
F29ss/gf Earrings, Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill $30
F39ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
F58ss/gf Earrings, Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill $29
F58ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
F82ss/gf Earrings, Sterling Silver and 14kt Gold Fill $30
F82ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $30
F202ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $34
H16ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
H28ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $34
L8ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $28
L12ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $29
L14ss/nb Earrings, Sterling Silver and Niobium $32
L18ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $30
PH14ss Earrings, Sterling Silver $39