Flower Arrangers - Please call for availability and pricing

Don & Lynn


“When is a Weed a Flower? 
When Given by a Child.”

Master woodworkers Don and Lynn Bailey turn a variety of hardwoods into beautiful miniature flower vases.  A simple glass receptacle holds water to keep your flowers fresh.  All wood colors are natural, no stains are used.
Dark, Medium, or Light shades are available.  Call for current selection.

Small (3 inches tall)
Large (6 inches tall)



Jeff Peters and his studio artists create simple, graceful, elegant porcelain ikebana flower arrangers.  A circular foot gives it the appearance of floating on your table.  The prongs of the pin-frog pierce the flower stem, allowing the stems to drink more water which keeps the blooms fresh for up to three weeks.

Round (5.75” diameter)
Square (4.75” x 4.75”)



Handcrafted by master wood turner Joe Kovecses for the art of flower arranging.

These elegant, organic pieces are designed to hold one or more stems. Created from exotic woods such a Bubinga, wenge, and curly maple.


Evan & Kyanne



Evan and Kyanne Livingston view the medium of clay as a three-dimensional canvas for their artistic expression. The layering of multiple glazes and metallic oxides creates many variables and spontaneous color effects. Each piece is unique, with brilliant or subtle color intensity.

Flower Pillows
Fill with water and arrange your favorite small flowers and buds. You can use remnants from a bouquet, wildflowers, or flowers from your yard. Small enough to brighten up a windowsill, desktop, place setting, or special nook

Ikebana Flower Arrangers: 
Small - Large
An ancient art of flower arranging…combining beauty and simplicity…the three stems unite Heaven, Earth, and Man.

Danielle Blade &
Stephen Gartner



Business partners since 1996, they combine ideas, techniques and experiences to create original works in blown glass.

Kenzans Available in Large or Small – Please call for available colors and sizes.

Large 7 ½” Diameter X 3 ½” Tall
Small 5 ½” Diameter X 3” Tall