These fun ceramic Egg Separators by Judy are fun and functional! Great gift and sure to get a smile!




Kerry’s pottery is made to be highly functional. Her pots are fired to about 2400 degrees in a natural gas kiln so each piece is very durable and can be used in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. Kerry’s calls her glaze "Geode Crackle Glaze".

She offers it in many vibrant colors. The glazes are also durable and will not lose their vibrant colors over time.

Please call the gallery for photos of current pieces and prices!




Jacqueline Jackson – Jaxi Pottery

A passion since childhood and profession for over 42 years, fourth generation native of Arizona—Jacque has displayed her work in many places including the National Museum of Arts for Women in Washington, DC and at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona. Her red and turquoise glazes are an unusual find in the pottery world.

Please call the gallery for current pics and pricing of Jacque’s work.




Starting with layered clay slabs, Nancy folds, sculpts, and twists the clay to achieve beautiful fluid designs. Finished with a beautiful matte black glaze these pieces are food safe, as well as microwave, oven and dishwasher safe.  Food makes a striking presentation when served on these pieces!

3 piece Appetizer set  $32
Asparagus Dish w/ Rosewood Spoon $42
Small Dip Set w/ Small Spoon $69
Large Curly Bowl w/ Spoon Set $115
Olive Dish w/ Wooden Fork $28
Pistachio Dish $65
Sm Funky Serving Bowl with Spoon Set $69
Pinch Pot   $29

Zach Neff
& Friends



Made in America, each mushroom is glazed by hand guaranteeing no two alike. With over 18 original fresh colors, we hope you can find the perfect mushroom for your garden. They like to be planted together in groups. (No lone soldiers out there!) Plant a different color scheme for each season. Great for window boxes and planters.

A few in a fairy garden will invite a host of enchanted friends.

Please call the gallery for current pics of mushies and pricing!

Stellar Glazes



Bill’s Stellar Glazes are known for their subtle color variations, random occurrences and impressionistic appearance. Your imagination will find floating galaxies, frosty windows, rare gemstones or exotic flowers. No two will ever be alike. Each piece is a singular and original work of art to be enjoyed for many generations.

Please call the gallery for photos of current pieces and pricing.